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This project takes place in Avis, a portuguese town. It is a research process, that involves several aspects about this location and it soon became an appropriation of a space with which the author establishes a relationship.

In the beginning, there was a search for organic material and some information that allows to distinguish this place from anywhere else, drawing its identity. From this first research, the line comes up as one of the main elements of the work, at first inside the map establishing the shape and limits of this location, and later inside the landscape as an imaginary line.

The silences in music mark the absence of sound and have as much importance as the rest of the composition. Observatorio is a compendium of an investigation work that goes through different paths, built stage by stage, its construction passes through the materialization of the silence of this space, the things that surround us, which we don't notice anymore.

This is a representation, not of the place itself, but of its experience, through its shapes, sounds and materials. It's a synthesis, a combination of different parts in just one, here presented by the element line. 

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