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2021 -

An island is an independent piece of land, man has to make an extra effort to arrive there to get to know it, at the same time there is a certain beauty about a place like this being unreachable.
People automatically look for somewhere to call home, trying to find comfort in any situation. 
Home ends up being a group of memories, with different sensations attached. These memories usually don’t belong to just one place or time, they are fragments that, when attached to one another creates this unreachable place we were once happy and complete.
Far from being a closed line segment. Dust works as an ever expanding repository of instants from different times and places, it aims towards the infinite while acknowledging its inaccessibility. These instants weave into a tapestry of solaces. 
This project begets a piece of this inaccessibility enfacizing different sensations and exposing the erosion of time.

dust from the island 

sound here

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